JK Day 4 - Relay

22nd April 2019

Final Results




Course splits

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Relay - A - JK Trophy
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st37FVO Flyers01:26:18
2nd19EUOC Legends01:26:46
3rd35ODd Bods01:26:53
4th7NOC Robin Hood01:31:15
Relay - B - Women's Trophy
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st110EUOC Legendesses 01:32:55
2nd105SYO Honey Bees01:33:56
3rd114ESOC Samson01:35:09
4th118BOK D01:36:03
Relay - C - Men's Short
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st1033HH Ibex01:18:43
3rd1023BOK B01:19:51
4th1025SO Vernal01:20:12
Relay - D - Women's Short
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
2nd1513SO Graceful01:09:48
3rd1523HH Elands01:12:48
4th1510SNow Queens01:13:06
Relay - E - Senior Men (M120+)
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st2001SYO Bee Stings01:38:48
2nd2024FVO Flying Vets01:46:32
3rd2028BAOC 401:49:33
4th2026SLOW M120A01:50:48
Relay - F - Senior Women (W120+)
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st2502SYO Beewitched01:29:10
2nd2516INT CompassPoint S01:33:52
3rd2509SNow Leopards01:35:28
4th2512ODds On01:44:44
Relay - G - Veteran Men (M165+)
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st3047BOK H01:30:58
2nd3041TVOC T-Rex01:32:53
3rd3015DEVON White01:41:18
Relay - H - Veteran Women (W165+)
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st3509BLue Belles01:14:16
2nd3513BOK K01:19:48
3rd3515SLOW W165A01:22:23
4th3512HH Gazelles01:24:12
Relay - J - Ultra Veterans (M/W210+)
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st4031SLOW MW21001:14:54
4th4028ODd Bits and Bob01:24:23
Relay - K - Intermediary Men (M48-)
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st5002WCOC Blencathra Boys01:01:09
2nd5024FVO Junior Flyers01:05:04
3rd5004SYO Bee Awsome01:08:05
4th5020FSK 401:12:28
Relay - L - Intermediary Women (W48-)
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st5511HH Chamois01:15:33
2nd5512FSK 201:20:51
3rd5508LOC Blisco01:21:06
4th5504SO Obstreperous01:22:06
Relay - M - Junior Relay (M/W40-)
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st6003SYO Bee Strong00:42:23
2nd6001WCOC Wonders00:45:56
3rd6014Wee Toos00:46:52
4th6006DEVON Teebees00:52:03
Relay - N - Mini Relay
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st7003SYO Mini Bees00:28:29
2nd7002SYO Busy Bees00:29:13
3rd7008SNow Flakes00:31:17
Relay - P - Mixed Ad Hoc
Pos'nTeam NoTeamTeam Time
1st8040Harjut 101:04:36
2nd8025Wessex Wolves01:08:06
3rd8005DVO RAMbunctious01:16:23